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Is It Necessary To Conduct Drug Tests On Your Employees
In many countries today, they are legalizing marijuana. With other countries the use of marijuana have still been banned completely.
Other developments include major companies stopping drug testing for their employees. This is opposed to years ago when many companies took seriously the practice of drug testing employees. As it is various companies aren’t sure of whether they should keep drug testing employees or otherwise.
Companies what their employees to remain professional. Remember some companies are in health and safety industries.
There are employees who will see drug testing as a violation of their rights and privacy.
This being the case, you need more information about drug testing employees for you to determine whether to do it or not. Check out the following article.
On the question of the legality of drug testing employees then you need to know that the process is completely legal. Generally employees need to go through drug testing especially those that deal with classified and sensitive information. Drug testing is also a must for those in law enforcement and in health and safety roles. In these instances, drug testing ensures that health and safety of others are safeguarded.
For private sector employees, testing is for productivity reasons.
You may also not know whether to drug test employees where marijuana has already been legalized. Yes you should. Furthermore no company allows the use of marijuana in work premises or use of the same while at work. Some of the companies even dictate the drug testing employees and failure to take tests could lead to firing or refusal hire. Depending on the state, you have to understand the laws.
When it comes to prescription medicines, some employees will be using a long as they are under treatment. Some of these may be present in drug test results. In such instances, firing may not be the best thing since it would be considered discrimination. Check saliva drug tests.
However if employees keep using these drugs and it affects their productivity, then you can let them leave the company. Check saliva drug tests.
when it comes to job applicants, may businesses will perform testing before hiring. If this is the policy of the company, this has to be done for all the employees. Do not discriminate against them Check saliva drug tests.
With most of the companies they only test people who have already received job offers. check saliva drug tests.
Thinking of random drug testing, it will depend on the state. Laws for different states differ. Some states require that before testing, you provide evidence that there is suspicion. Other states allow it as long as you t=let employees know about it early enough. Check saliva drug tests.
Random testing is allowed for employees that work with heavy machinery. Check saliva drug tests.

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